One Word for the Year

Word for the Year

For the past 3 years, each January I’ve picked one word as a theme for my year.

I use this word to help focus my attention more deeply in an area where I’d like to see expansion and growth.

I then take notice of what shows up throughout the year.

Last year my word was Ease, the year before that it was Freedom, and this year it’s Self-Love.

And it’s been really interesting.

It doesn’t really matter what area of my life I particularly want to see this expansion in; the expansion happens in a variety of ways, in a variety of areas.

FreedomThe year my word was Freedom, I experienced more freedom in my business, more freedom within myself and my own consciousness, and life in general felt freer.

I felt pretty free when my family traveled for 6 weeks throughout Europe that summer!

Last year, Ease permeated with a bit more subtlety.

I experienced it mostly internally.

I reminded myself frequently of my word by sticking post-it notes on obvious places, such as my computer or car.

And I noticed myself often responding differently or making different choices which seemed to make things easier for me.

I also experienced multiple synchronistic events that felt quite easy.

For example, I attended an energy healing event where I unexpectedly met and had a beautiful conversation with a woman I greatly admire: Marci Shimoff (author of Happy for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul).

Several months earlier I’d created an intention to meet her, and then it happened so easily!

self-loveThis year, I’ve already had multiple opportunities to increase my own Self-love, and this past weekend I received a just-released book I’d pre-ordered — without knowing exactly what it was about — that eloquently speaks to this very topic.

The book is Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn.

I feel like the Universe is really supporting me in my desire to focus in this area!

Again, it doesn’t matter particularly whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape, find the love of your life, or make more money in 2016.

Picking a word focuses your attention so you see more of this quality in your life…everywhere.

If weight loss is your main intention this year, words that could support you might be: Freedom, Trust, Connection, Success, and of course, Love.

So, I recommend you give it a try!

Choose a word for yourself this year.

Pick something that you’d absolutely love to see expand in your life.


And post reminders in multiple convenient places throughout your home, car and office.

Then notice where this quality shows up in your life!

It’s simple…yet powerfully effective.

And post your word in the comments!

Perhaps you’ll inspire someone to bring more of that quality into THEIR life as well!

Much love,

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