When I began working with Alicia, I weighed over 270 lbs.

I was desperate for help and completely overwhelmed. I knew that if I didn’t stop my destructive relationship with food, my life was going to be significantly shortened, and that scared me. I regularly ate large amounts of harmful and addictive foods, my health was deteriorating, and each day I hated myself more.

I’d tried every diet and weight loss plan to lose weight and failed. I didn’t know how to stop this self-destructive cycle and I felt such despair.

Now, in 6 months, I’ve lost 86 lbs.

My emotional eating has dramatically decreased, my self-destructive behavior has stopped, and I actually feel hopeful again.

My health markers (cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides) have improved. I have a newfound desire to take care of myself by doing such things as meditation, playing music and getting more sleep. I no longer need food to soothe, harm or numb myself.

Alicia’s helped me overcome pain that’s haunted me for decades. I’ve shared things I’ve never spoken to anyone. I’ve found courage to face parts of myself and my life that I’d been so terrified of, and I feel a growing sense of self-love and self-trust.

The best part is that for the first time in my life, I know I’m loved. Working with Alicia has been an encounter with love itself, and I believe there’s nothing more powerful than that. I feel so safe and she doesn’t judge me at all. Her tools and skills have changed my life. Alicia’s so deeply invested and committed to my transformation and success…I’m just filled with gratitude.

It’s hard to imagine how much my life has changed since working with Alicia. It scares me to think about where I’d be now, if I hadn’t chosen her to help me.

A. M. – female

I started working with Alicia after a traumatic experience showed me I needed to make changes in my life. I felt out of control, disappointed in myself, and like bad things ‘just happen to me’.

Alicia’s taught me how to take control of my life. I don’t feel so much like a victim now, and I feel more empowered.

Before working with Alicia, I felt alone because I couldn’t express what was inside me, and I wasn’t communicating well with my loved ones. It really affected them and me unwittingly.

Now, I’m more self-aware, communicate better, my relationships are calmer, and I’m even allowing some time for myself. I thought that these situations were “fine” before but the improvement has been extremely positive. Before I wouldn’t allow any time for myself, yet I’m able to do that now. I’m really changing my life going through this process. 

D.W. – male

Before working with Alicia, I didn’t understand why I felt so lonely in my relationships. I felt unimportant, unloved and like nobody wanted to be with me, even my own family.

I now feel like my needs are important. I’m more important to myself and see that from others as well. I feel accepted by Alicia and know that working with her will get me what I want…to be happy and free.

C. E. – female

Alicia honored and valued me.

In a caring and gentle way, Alicia helped me see parts of my personality that protected me in the past, but limit me, particularly in my relationships with women. She helped me gain clarity around and shift my beliefs and stories so I now have much more positive interactions. She also helped me feel empowered to make choices where I previously felt stuck, frustrated or helpless.

One of the most valuable things about working with Alicia was the safe container she created for me. I feel I could openly share intimate, deeply personal things, in particular the things I judge myself most intensely for. I also feel that Alicia honored and valued me and what I shared with her.

M. P. – male

I love working with Alicia! She is so thoughtful, patient and understanding. She has a great way of asking questions that help me identify the real issues to work on. The best part is that it’s so easy and comfortable to tell her things I’ve never shared with anyone else before.

During a recent personal crisis, knowing she was there for me…even if I didn’t talk to her…helped me recenter. Just knowing she’d read my texts or listen to my voicemails helped me feel supported.

Working with Alicia, I feel more confident at work and in my business conversations. When a conflict arises, I don’t feel so helpless now. Between her tools and support, Alicia’s helped me feel more empowered and like I have choices. I feel calmer and more focused. And I guide my children better when they are upset using some of the very same tools to uncover what is really going on for them.

It’s been amazing.

A. W. – female

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Tidbit Testimonials

“This is awesome to feel this good.”

“Something has really shifted.”

“I want you to know, you’re really helping me!”

“I feel love now, not pain.”

“I’m happy. I’m light. I’m electric!”

“Wow, what a great result!”

“I feel like I have this new power!”

“I’m so grateful to you.”

“I am fundamentally changed.”

“I’m coming back to life.”

“This work has opened me up in such a good way.”

“It feels so good to get all that stuff out of me!”

“I don’t feel the same way about [that traumatic experience] anymore.”

“You just rocked my world! I’ve needed that for so long.”

“You are so good at what you do.”

“I’ve come from despair to life and hope!”

“Wow! I think the future might actually be possible!”

“Last week blew me away.”

“I just don’t feel anything about [that negative experience] now.”

“My body feels loose — I don’t feel blocked.”

“I’m so grateful for your help.”

“[The work we did] meant so much to me”

“I’ve never told anyone these things. I feel such relief.”

“I feel lighter now!”

“You just performed a miracle!”

“I can breathe now — and I don’t say that lightly — I really can.”

“I just don’t feel it now…it’s like it’s neutralized.”

“That was quite an amazing experience.”

“It’s a good feeling.”

“The stuff we’re doing is good stuff!”

“I love it! The light just came on!”

“You did more with me in that hour than I did in 2 years of counseling!”

“You are really something…oh my gosh.”

“That was so valuable!”

“I don’t feel as much like I need to avoid being with that person now.”

“Just talking about this has helped me!”

“You’re amazing.”

“Things are changing! Things I’ve felt for months are not there anymore.”

“I feel happy!”

“I feel so much better, and my friends even say I LOOK better.”

“I’m happier, more content and hopeful.”

“Now I feel peaceful.”

“This is cool!”

“I think you’ve hit the source of it!”

“This is invaluable.”

“I feel like a whole different person.”

“This has been life changing for me!”

“You nailed ALL of it!”

“I appreciate you helping me so much with this.”

“I can’t believe how lucky I am. I wish I could express how wonderful I feel right now.”

“That was really great.”

“You’re very intuitive.”

“I feel so lucky.”

“It’s amazing what you put into words.”

“Even just talking to you, I feel good.”

“You’re spot on with all this.”

“You helped me get rid of all that regret I’ve lost years of my life carrying.”

“That was really helpful!”

“I had no idea how much pain I’ve been carrying that has kept me stuck.”

“You’ve put names to my vague sense and that makes them less scary.”

“I know for the first time that I’m not the only one who feels this way!”

“Thanks sooo much!”

“I feel like you just walked into my body, you described that so well.”

“That was so valuable and amazingly accurate!”

“I had no idea! That is incredible.”

“I feel lighter…you’re really good.”