One Response to Discomfort

The energy has been really powerful and intense lately. Have you been feeling it? In the last month, we experienced an equinox, 2 eclipses and other energetic influences. For weeks, I’ve felt uninspired, ungrounded, confused and unmotivated, and at times it’s been really uncomfortable. I know this is temporary, but sometimes I desire for the energy to just… [Read More]

The Greatest Love

The greatest love of all Is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all Inside of me. The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all. – Whitney Houston, Greatest Love of All There’s so much expectation around Valentine’s Day, isn’t there? Roses, candy, and a… [Read More]

Coping With Fear…Without Food

Yesterday during my workout at the gym, I kept glancing at the news on TV. I don’t typically watch the news, but with the recent bombings in Paris, I wanted to see the latest developments. On Good Morning America, they interviewed a psychiatrist on how to cope with fear. Of course, these bombings have scared… [Read More]

How Shame Leads Us To Love

Recently, I experienced one of those moments you just don’t forget. I did something I thought was best, someone else got upset about it, and nothing played out as I’d intended. I felt really badly. Then, on top of it, someone completely not involved in the situation reprimanded me for what I’d done.   At the time, I… [Read More]


There’s a beautiful quote by Rumi that says, As 2015 begins, this quote seems appropriate. In my Authentic Health ecourse, I encourage you to identify your vision. Your vision allows you to feel the stronger pull toward a life you truly love. But, how many of us have a clear vision?  Have you written out… [Read More]

Reflections on Love

Recently I was reading a book by James van Praagh called Healing Grief. In it, he shared the story of a magnificent older couple who met in high school and spent the rest of their lives together. They were married 52 years before the husband died. When Buddy came through in James’ reading, his love… [Read More]