Is Your Gut Making You Crazy?

Do you feel depressed? Moody? Have allergies, asthma, or ADHD? Or been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder? The origin of these issues could possibly stem from the health of your gut! Your body is a complex organism. It performs millions of functions every day without needing your input  at all. And, it is host to… [Read More]

What I learned about life at an amusement park

For my daughter’s 16th birthday a couple weeks ago, we spent the day at an amusement park. She enjoyed the rides and activities with her friends, and my husband and I tagged along. Although I feel fairly young, my body occasionally tells me differently—particularly after one of those roller coasters that turn upside down, flip… [Read More]

How to Prevent The Flu…Naturally

This was a friend’s post on Facebook recently, Why, you ask? Because he took Tamiflu. And this is not uncommon. Japan banned Tamiflu in 2007 for just these kinds of side effects. I encourage you to get serious about taking your health into your own hands. Your use of pharmaceutical drugs is usually in the best interest… [Read More]

What’s Food Got To Do With It?

Ahhh…those New Year’s resolutions! Are you moving forward successfully with yours? Weight loss is still a major focus judging from the inquiries I’m receiving. Last week I shared my ‘Top 10 Foods That Cause Cravings and Make You Fat’. I know that if you stop eating those foods, you’ll lose weight. Yet, there’s more to… [Read More]

3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday Season

Are you DREADING the holidays? Is your life already so BUSY that the thought of doing holiday shopping, cooking large meals, and pretending to be happy when you feel like pulling your hair out leaves you wanting to crawl in a hole until January 1? One key to living an authentically healthy life is identifying what makes you happy…. [Read More]

What IS Authentic Health?

You see the name, it catches your attention, and then you wonder, ‘What IS authentic health?’ Good question! Authentic health could mean different things to different people. What’s authentic for you may be different for your best friend. The term ‘authentic health’, in the way I mean it, is the state of health and way… [Read More]