#1 Key to Success (Part II)

In Part I of this post, I wrote about the importance of taking responsibility for our lives. I mentioned that I’d share SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS you can take to lead you to greater success. The following are 3 key steps for taking more responsibility which Jack Canfield elaborates on in his book, The Success Principles. 1)… [Read More]

One Thing I Wish I’d Known Earlier

When growing up, I felt I wasn’t good enough. At anything. I also thought something was wrong with me. And I hid that from everyone. Recently, a client shared with me…perhaps for the first time in her life…something she feels is wrong with her and that she’s hidden from everyone. She feels evil. She shared with me the pain… [Read More]

What IS Authentic Health?

You see the name, it catches your attention, and then you wonder, ‘What IS authentic health?’ Good question! Authentic health could mean different things to different people. What’s authentic for you may be different for your best friend. The term ‘authentic health’, in the way I mean it, is the state of health and way… [Read More]