Don’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions!

How crazy does that sound? I’m telling you NOT to make New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone’s doing it, why shouldn’t you?

Here’s why: because they don’t work.

But New Year’s intentions CAN work.

And I’m going to tell you why I distinguish between the two and how to create your intentions to set you up for success this year.

Resolutions are often stated like this:

“I will lose 25 pounds by July 1,” or
“I want to make more money this year,” or
“I will find my soulmate.”

But these resolutions are missing the key elements to make them effective.

Which is why I don’t recommend you use them.

To distinguish between an ineffective resolution and a more effective intention, here are some key factors.

When you resolve “I will,” you set yourself up to have an experience in the future, but you likely won’t get there.

Your thoughts and words are creative, so you’ll create a situation where you “will” have it, but you don’t ever “have it” now.

This type of resolution won’t help you achieve what you want to achieve because your result will always be in the future!

Instead, create your intention in the present tense using active verbs like “I feel,” “I enjoy,” and “I radiate.”

Also, “I want” tells the Universe that you desire more wanting.

It’s likely you’ll continue being in situations of wanting and not actually get what you desire.


A wonderful way to write your intentions is using the phrase “I am…” The words “I am” have a very high vibration, and stating your intention as if it has already happened, and you are living it now, will more effectively attract that reality to you!

And lastly, the way you’ll feel once you achieve your desire, or get what you want, is usually omitted from resolutions.

Yet, the feeling tone of what it’ll feel like when you reach your goal is very important in manifestation.


Examples of feeling tone phrases you can include in your intentions are ones such as “I am grateful,” “I am excited,” “I am happy,” “I feel love.”

If you’ve already made your resolutions for 2016, I suggest you go back and rewrite them using the suggestions I’ve included here.

And if you haven’t created any at all… well, what’re you waiting for?

May your greatest desire easily manifest in your life this year!

Much love,


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