Don’t Let Fear Stop You

bridge-664131_640I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling…the one where your stomach knots up, your heart beats faster, your throat constricts, and the urge to run away tugs at you.

I’m certainly familiar with it.  

It’s FEAR.

No one’s immune. It’s completely natural.

But for most of us, in today’s society, it’s not necessary to feel fear constantly to survive.

Nowadays, we tend to feel fear when we’re moving outside our comfort zone. The fear tells us to stop, to go back to a safe state.

What if you really want to move out of your comfort zone, though? Is the fear helpful?

Not so much.

Yet, it can stop you in your tracks completely, prevent you from getting what you want, and keep you stuck.

To have the things we desire in our lives usually requires us to take risks.

Yet, risk inherently pushes us outside of our comfort zone. We don’t know what will happen, and in the worst case, everything could fall apart.

What’s more, by thinking about what COULD happen, we scare ourselves.

Our fear is about what we think might happen, not what is actually happening.  

So, how do we deal with our fear and get ourselves moving again in the direction of our dreams?

First, let yourself feel the fear.

I’ve heard many techniques for doing this, but the one I like the most requires little effort.

Begin noticing where you feel the sensation of fear in your body when you think about what’s scaring you.

Pay close attention to that sensation, sending acceptance to it, and keep bringing yourself back to it when your attention wanders.

This feeling is speaking to you; if you listen, accepting it as it is right now, it will pass.

After a couple minutes, check in with your body by thinking of the thought that scared you.

Do you feel more neutral now?  

I’ve seen this simple technique work time and time again with my clients. It can be quite powerful.

Second, if you feel fear of doing something…do it anyway!

Dr. Susan Jeffers speaks to this in her book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Knowing you can handle the thing you fear — by actually doing it — will cause the fear to subside and your confidence to grow.

The only way to gain that confidence is to JUST DO IT.

Third, even if you’re terrified, take a leap of faith.

If you know what you want and an opportunity presents itself, you may have to take a chance.

Often that means relying on your intuition and then going for it, but willingness to take that leap of faith (I’ve heard) is a hallmark of all successful people.

The bottom line is this:

Experience your fear and take action anyway…don’t let it stop you!


What have you feared but you now want to take action on?

Please share with us below.

Much love,

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