Don’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions!

How crazy does that sound? I’m telling you NOT to make New Year’s resolutions. Everyone’s doing it, why shouldn’t you? Here’s why: because they don’t work. But New Year’s intentions CAN work. And I’m going to tell you why I distinguish between the two and how to create your intentions to set you up for success… [Read More]

3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday Season

Are you DREADING the holidays? Is your life already so BUSY that the thought of doing holiday shopping, cooking large meals, and pretending to be happy when you feel like crawling into bed leaves you wishing you could hibernate until January 1?   One key to stopping the stress is identifying what makes you happy.  What do YOU want? Often the holidays… [Read More]

#1 Key to Success (Part II)

In Part I of this post, I wrote about the importance of taking responsibility for our lives. I mentioned that I’d share SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS you can take to lead you to greater success. The following are 3 key steps for taking more responsibility which Jack Canfield elaborates on in his book, The Success Principles. 1)… [Read More]

#1 Key to Success (Part I)

What does success mean to you? Perhaps it looks like enjoying more money or achieving something that’s always seemed out of reach (like losing weight). Maybe success means changing people’s lives or just leading an easy, carefree life of your own. Success means different things to different people, but I know there’s one KEY thing… [Read More]