One Response to Discomfort

The energy has been really powerful and intense lately. Have you been feeling it? In the last month, we experienced an equinox, 2 eclipses and other energetic influences. For weeks, I’ve felt uninspired, ungrounded, confused and unmotivated, and at times it’s been really uncomfortable. I know this is temporary, but sometimes I desire for the energy to just… [Read More]

The Greatest Love

The greatest love of all Is happening to me. I found the greatest love of all Inside of me. The greatest love of all Is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself It is the greatest love of all. – Whitney Houston, Greatest Love of All There’s so much expectation around Valentine’s Day, isn’t there? Roses, candy, and a… [Read More]

Your Anti-Aging Hormone

Besides weight loss, a frequent topic of concern to my clients is aging. In particular, they want to be as youthful and healthy as possible while avoiding the deconditioning that often happens later in life. It’d be so easy if we could only find the Fountain of Youth! But so far, that fountain’s been elusive, so we… [Read More]

One Word for the Year

For the past 3 years, each January I’ve picked one word as a theme for my year. I use this word to help focus my attention more deeply in an area where I’d like to see expansion and growth. I then take notice of what shows up throughout the year. Last year my word was… [Read More]

Don’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions!

How crazy does that sound? I’m telling you NOT to make New Year’s resolutions. Everyone’s doing it, why shouldn’t you? Here’s why: because they don’t work. But New Year’s intentions CAN work. And I’m going to tell you why I distinguish between the two and how to create your intentions to set you up for success… [Read More]

Coping With Fear…Without Food

Yesterday during my workout at the gym, I kept glancing at the news on TV. I don’t typically watch the news, but with the recent bombings in Paris, I wanted to see the latest developments. On Good Morning America, they interviewed a psychiatrist on how to cope with fear. Of course, these bombings have scared… [Read More]

Are you hungry?

Recently I held a 5-week group program, and we spent an entire session talking about hunger. Hunger isn’t something we pay much attention to in our culture. Food is available 24/7, we eat plenty, we eat regularly, and we eat for many reasons having nothing to do with hunger. When was the last time you… [Read More]

I Felt Guilty

My son recently returned from a backpacking trip. He and his group finished a grueling 22 mile hike in just 48 hours! They needed carbs. Lots of carbs, and they had to be lightweight. What did they bring? Boxed macaroni and cheese. But they didn’t consume all of the boxes of mac n’ cheese. So… [Read More]

Is Your Gut Making You Crazy?

Do you feel depressed? Moody? Have allergies, asthma, or ADHD? Or been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder? The origin of these issues could possibly stem from the health of your gut! Your body is a complex organism. It performs millions of functions every day without needing your input  at all. And, it is host to… [Read More]

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling…the one where your stomach knots up, your heart beats faster, your throat constricts, and the urge to run away tugs at you. I’m certainly familiar with it.   It’s FEAR. No one’s immune. It’s completely natural. But for most of us, in today’s society, it’s not necessary to feel… [Read More]