What’s Food Got To Do With It?

Ahhh…those New Year’s resolutions! Are you moving forward successfully with yours? Weight loss is still a major focus judging from the inquiries I’m receiving. Last week I shared my ‘Top 10 Foods That Cause Cravings and Make You Fat’. I know that if you stop eating those foods, you’ll lose weight. Yet, there’s more to… [Read More]


There’s a beautiful quote by Rumi that says, As 2015 begins, this quote seems appropriate. In my Authentic Health ecourse, I encourage you to identify your vision. Your vision allows you to feel the stronger pull toward a life you truly love. But, how many of us have a clear vision?  Have you written out… [Read More]

When It’s NOT the Happiest Season of All

It’s the holiday season! There’s the tinkling of bells, the laughter of children, festive glowing lights, and postcard images of happy family get-togethers. It’s the most wonderful time of year! But wait, what about for… those who couldn’t have children of their own, or those with end-stage cancer who can’t leave the house, or those… [Read More]

3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday Season

Are you DREADING the holidays? Is your life already so BUSY that the thought of doing holiday shopping, cooking large meals, and pretending to be happy when you feel like pulling your hair out leaves you wanting to crawl in a hole until January 1? One key to living an authentically healthy life is identifying what makes you happy…. [Read More]

Reflections on Love

Recently I was reading a book by James van Praagh called Healing Grief. In it, he shared the story of a magnificent older couple who met in high school and spent the rest of their lives together. They were married 52 years before the husband died. When Buddy came through in James’ reading, his love… [Read More]

Are you listening to your soul or your ego?

I was talking to a friend recently…well, we were messaging on Facebook, but that counts as talking these days, doesn’t it? And the topic of the ego came up. I was joking around with him that he had ‘liked’ a picture of me and it was such a bad picture that I was a bit… [Read More]

Why do I feel scared?

It happens to everybody. That feeling creeps in and it’s like an inky black orchestra, spilling in from the sides of the stage, to fill the very same seats they’ve always occupied. They settle themselves in, yet there’s no audience. There’s no need for them to be there. They want to play though, and they… [Read More]

What IS Authentic Health?

You see the name, it catches your attention, and then you wonder, ‘What IS authentic health?’ Good question! Authentic health could mean different things to different people. What’s authentic for you may be different for your best friend. The term ‘authentic health’, in the way I mean it, is the state of health and way… [Read More]

Endings and Beginnings

I’m always a bit nostalgic this time of year, as the warm summer days, lazy mornings, and vacations all draw to an end. But once school begins again, and our family settles back into the routine of drop offs, pick ups, and after-school sporting events, that schedule becomes quite nourishing to me. I have a… [Read More]