Thailand Sukhothai-1My name is Alicia Kamin, and I’ve created the Authentic Health program to share with you the path I used to heal myself, physically and emotionally, as well as mentally and spiritually. I freed myself of pain and limitation and now I live a life where I feel empowered, joyful and am making a difference in the world.

As you might suspect, there was a time in my life when things were not rosy. That was actually the case for a good portion of it.

From the time I was a child, I thought I wasn’t good enough…at anything. When I was 14, I developed an eating disorder, really hating myself and feeling so inadequate. I frequently felt helpless and experienced that I was not in control of my body or my life.

I grew up not doing the things I really wanted to do, like dancing or playing sports, so I often felt depressed. And I always felt alone and isolated, worried that no one liked me, even when I was with groups of friends.

In my 20’s, I owned a business which failed, causing me to feel even worse about myself. Then, years later a major family crisis left me in excruciating grief and feeling like a failure as a mother.

Meanwhile, I’d always thought something was wrong with me, particularly with my body. I was usually in pain somewhere and was exhausted all the time. I still felt not good enough no matter how well I actually did things, and what made it worse, was that no one else seemed to be going through what I was.

I constantly searched for what would help me feel better and change my life, and I went to practitioner after practitioner trying everything from acupuncture to zeolite, Chinese to Western medicine, EFT to NLP to BEST.

Paris Eiffel family-1And I finally DID change my life…by following the steps I’ve laid out for you in this course. The answer wasn’t outside of me, it was inside me. I had that answer all along, but didn’t know how to access it, or even where to look.

With the support of my own transformational coach, by learning as much as I could from books and seminars, and through shifting my beliefs, attitudes and thoughts, I overcame my internal messages of not being good enough, that something was wrong with me, and that I was unimportant. I felt more empowered and more confident. I awoke to the fact that what I had been thinking about myself wasn’t the truth, and over time, I stepped into a higher version of my life, one that feels more authentic, more joyful, more abundant and much more free.

Now, my health is better than it’s ever been, I feel strong, flexible, and fit, and I am rarely in pain. I am at my ideal weight, which is lower than I ever remember weighing, and I do everything I want without thought of my body holding me back. I enjoy traveling the world with my wonderful family or hanging out with them in our beautiful big home and garden. But most importantly, I am finally happy.

Yet, it wasn’t always like that for me, and I suspect since you’re reading this, you aren’t happy with the way life is going for you right now. However, I know that, just like me, you too can live with true, authentic health.

You don’t have to live overweight and unhappy, in pain, and with lack and scarcity anymore. Join me on this powerful journey to discover your most authentic health and to live the life you truly desire.

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