One Response to Discomfort

The energy has been really powerful and intense lately. Have you been feeling it?flying-sparks

In the last month, we experienced an equinox, 2 eclipses and other energetic influences.

For weeks, I’ve felt uninspired, ungrounded, confused and unmotivated, and at times it’s been really uncomfortable.

I know this is temporary, but sometimes I desire for the energy to just be different already!

And I remember that feeling from when I used to overeat.

I was uncomfortable. I just wanted to BE different, to FEEL differently, for THINGS to be different, no matter what.

Meanwhile, I beat myself up, thinking something was wrong with me.

Which only led me to eat more.

I also felt alone, like I was the only feeling that way…no one else would understand.

Which led to more eating, of course.sad woman closeup

Probably the worst time I felt this way was after my dad died suddenly in an accident.

I was barely 18, had just finished my first semester at college and was home for Christmas break.

In the morning my dad was there with me; in the afternoon he wasn’t…and never would be again.

Boy, did I want things to be different! To say that I felt uncomfortable would put it mildly.

I was in massive pain.

So, I overate. That’s how I coped.

What I didn’t recognize was that I was beating myself up rather than ‘making myself feel better’.

And I did it regularly.

My pattern was: feel uncomfortable, beat myself up inside, eat to numb the discomfort and pain.

Yet that only led to MORE discomfort and pain.

Does this sound familiar?

Now, I do things differently.

Now, I love myself instead.

When I stopped beating myself up, and began loving myself, things changed.

Initially, I needed someone else to have compassion and love for me (my first therapist), and later, I developed the ability to naturally offer those beautiful healing qualities to you

Of greatest importance to me was discovering that when I loved myself, particularly when I felt uncomfortable, or different, or alone, I lost the urge to overeat.

I released the need to inflict more pain on myself.

We can love ourselves for what we’re going through in this very moment without making ourselves wrong for experiencing it.

It’s simple, and yet not necessarily easy.

Loving myself comes much more naturally now, yet I’ve had the chance to practice even more deeply during this intensely energetic time.

Do you feel uncomfortable or in pain?

wood heartIs your tendency to numb yourself with food?

Can you offer yourself love instead?

Recognize the innocent one within you that deserves your love and affection.

Hasn’t she suffered enough already?

And if you’re not sure HOW to offer yourself love, please contact me at the link above. It’s my mission to help empower women through love!


Loving yourself is the single greatest gift you can give yourself,


~ Love yourself  ~ Forgive others ~ Set yourself free ~

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