3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday Season

3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday SeasonAre you DREADING the holidays?

Is your life already so BUSY that the thought of doing holiday shopping, cooking large meals, and pretending to be happy when you feel like pulling your hair out leaves you wanting to crawl in a hole until January 1?

One key to living an authentically healthy life is identifying what makes you happy.  What do YOU want?

Often the holidays become about what others want or what society urges us to do. I suggest making this season about you!

You CAN have a stress-free holiday season…with a little planning.

Tip #1: Set aside 15 minutes that’s just for you and write it on your calendar. Call it something wonderful like “Planning Fun” or “Tea with Me.”

During this time, brainstorm what you’d love to do this season. What would be truly FUN to you?  A cookie decorating party?  A night drive through a well-decorated lit-up neighborhood? Attending a holiday festival for the first time?

Tip #2: Make your list of seasonal to-do’s, then identify the ones you DON’T want to do…the ones you particularly dread.  Take those items OFF your list.

Cross off the tasks that you do because you’ve done them every year. You do NOT have to go to the annual neighborhood party. You do NOT have to take your kids to every event to which they are invited. You do NOT have to cook the dinner this year.

Let this holiday season be about YOU, not what others think of you. Let them think what they may. (Honestly, it’s none of your business.) Meanwhile, you will feel happier.

Tip #3: Plan your gift-giving and shopping.

Do it now. Yes, now. The sooner you get this done, the easier it will be to shop, you’ll finish more quickly, and you’ll avoid those extremely stressful last-minute crowds. This is the best thing I do every year, hands down. I am o3 Tips to Stop Stress This Holiday Seasonften done with shopping by the beginning of December.

Having this task completed does wonders for alleviating stress!

Once you complete these tasks, SIT DOWN with a cup of gingerbread spice tea and put your FEET UP. You deserve it for planning ahead, being proactive about enjoying the holidays, and honoring what YOU want most!

Share your own tips with us below!

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